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Czech Republic - Česká republika

We organise CULTURAL AND ADVENTURE INCOMING to the Czech Republic. Do you want to learn about the most important historical and cultural sites and explore the local culture and society in the same time?
Our passion is to present our country in the authentic way so you can distinguish the local peculiarities in the globalised world.

We specialise in:

  • historical towns sightseeing
  • mountain trekking 
  • cycle tours 
  • wine degustation in Moravia
  • beer tours
  • rafting and canoeing
  • skiing and snowboarding courses and trips
  • rope monkey center
  • Prague sightseeing tours and many possible extension trips in the proximity of Prague
  • hotel booking
  • wellness
  • incentive

All our trips are tailor made to fit your personal interests, time and budget possibilities.

Please send us an email

or call at  +420 777 689 000, +420 245 008 208.


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Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic